Business Cards And Your Company Reputation

One of the first things you get when you meet a professional contact for the first time is a business card. A simple gesture to reach into the pocket, wallet or card case and to offer one is the very first impressions you or your business contact are likely to have of each other. In fact, this simple and effective card is one of the most important things you can ever collect.

Several professionals have enjoyed great success on the strength of the business cards in their rolodex. Super salesmen are so because they have the several dozen contacts with them. One could also go so far as to say that in the present world, they are like currency in their own right!

Don’t be fooled by their size either. After all, the old adage says that dynamite does come in small packages! Even though it is small, an average business card will contain the following information. The name, professional titles, company address and all relevant contact details of the individual in question will surely be included (this also includes e-mail ID). Additionally, some may include home contact details, details of the professional qualifications, and in some cases, personal messages.

Speaking of personal messages, business cards have of late become a sort of an advertising medium, although they are very below-the-line in the truest sense of the term. It all began when some smart marketer realized that since they are handed out to business contacts; why not use the chance to offer a compelling message?

And sales personnel started including their objectives and mottos on their cards, advertising professionals listed out the tag lines of their clients, independent professionals started listing out the names of their clients while egoistical people began outlining their personal accomplishments! Whatever be the case, this advertising medium soon became a medium in its own right.

And it is no longer a difficult thing to design your own variety. Most home software like Microsoft Office come with custom templates to design and print your own. If these are insufficient, the Internet has a wealth of free resources that you can download and use. Professional design software like Corel Draw and Pagemaker have many more options for unique business cards.

No longer do you have to be satisfied with single sided, plain ivory paper. You can opt for business cards shaped like place holders, four sided, color printed, laminated, and the new rage, business cards which look and feel like credit cards! If you can imagine it, the present day software can ensure that it is do. Your imagination is the only limitation!

There are also several Internet based service firms that will custom design your business cards, create a logo and printing options for you, and deliver to your address for a very nominal cost. Some of them even offer websites with the capability to design your own. But remember to design with care. After all, it is your personality it represents!

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